Authored by Jenna Burton

Guaranteed Ways to Stay Healthy, Fit and Productive

According to research, when people eat unhealthy food, there is a 66% risk of loss of productivity. So, make sure that you are eating right. In order to stay productive, it is essential that cut the intake of unhealthy diet and do exercise. You don’t necessarily have to make massive changes in your diet, your lifestyle and exercise routine.

Make sure that you focus on your health in order to maximize your productivity. Rather than ignoring the idea of keeping yourself fit and healthy, you should try to make good choices in terms of diet and exercise.

Not much different from working on assignments and studying all day, you are also susceptible to various diseases while working at home. In addition, most sessions can also cause back pain, stiff neck and even invite obesity. These conditions can hinder work and reduce productivity.

As a student, you are always struggling to get good grades and in the process of achieving your goals, you neglect your mental and physical wellbeing. But no need to worry. There are a number of things you can do to stay healthy, optimistic and productive while you study at home. Here is what you can do to stay on top of your health so that your productivity can be maximized.

1. Place the desk in the most comfortable way possible

Studying or working on assignments from home is really more flexible because you can study work anywhere. Whether in the bedroom, living room or special workspace. However, it is necessary to provide a room or corner specifically for the place where you work. Because having a comfortable workspace can increase productivity, you know.

This is why you are not advised to work while lying on your stomach or in bed because it can interfere with focus. This can also injure your back and cause injury.

So make sure your desk is well organized and make you feel comfortable. Sit with your head and back straight, with the arms straight, the keyboard, and a straight view towards the computer screen. A position like this can maintain normal posture and avoid injury. When your space is fixed and organized, you will be able to focus more on assignments. But if you can’t do so, then make sure that you reach out to a writing company and ask Is there someone who can do my assignment? to get their help.

2. Eat regularly

You can often eat late because you are chasing your dream to achieve your academic. But when you decide to work at home, obviously the mealtime can be more organized, isn't it?

Come on, start your day with food and drinks that can keep you focused all day. For example, with breakfast sandwiches, eating bananas or drinking tea or coffee in the morning.

Research shows that caffeine consumption can increase brain activity involved in the planning, attention, monitoring and concentration process. That's why, not a few people who choose to drink coffee to be more concentrated, as well as expel sleepiness.

You can also work while snacking. Requirements, choose healthy, high-fiber snacks, such as beans, cut fruit, yoghurt or caramelized popcorn.

3. Do light exercises

For those of you who feel that you can't exercise because you are busy in university life and work, now obviously there is no reason not to exercise. Yes, you can still have time to study and focus on assignments at home between jobs.

Regardless of whether you work in the office or at home, you must continue to move actively so that your body is not easily tired and hurt during work. There are many types of light exercises you can do at home, such as push-ups, squat, or simply take a walk around the entire room of the house.

It doesn't take long, just do this exercise for 10 minutes or when you feel like you're working and you need refreshment. Your body and your mind are guaranteed to be more relaxed and focused when they return to work.

4. Avoid things that interfere with focus

Open social media or watch TV for a while in the middle of work can be done to free up fatigue. But don't let it continue, it could be your work neglected. If you are worried about playing on social media and ultimately being unproductive, then you should make sure that you get away with them.

To be more productive, avoid things that can interfere with your attention. For example, turning off the TV, turning on silent mode on a mobile phone or keeping your tablet in a bag. This is done so that there is no temptation to open your tablet every time a notification is entered.

5. Set aside time for a walk outside the home

Staying too long at the university to do assignments can be harmful to your health. Starting from body aches, back pain, stiff neck, the risk of obesity and trigger stress.

There have been many studies which show that stress can interfere with health, both physically and emotionally. Not only does depression trigger but the prolonged stress can also worsen back pain and digestive problems.

Therefore, take the time to breathe fresh air away from home. For example, going to the park, shopping for supermarkets, and so on. The more relaxed your mind is, the body becomes healthier and fit. After returning home, you can continue to work in a more focused and productive way.

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