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Resymbol for audio

parent 1a49ee11
......@@ -2,19 +2,19 @@
{% load paniktags %}
{% if sound|is_format_available:'mp3' or sound|is_format_available:'ogg' %}
<div class="controls huge">
<button class="icon-plus-sign"
<button class="resymbol icon-plus-sign"
title="Add to playlist"
data-player-audio="Audio-{{ sound.file.url|slugify }}"
id="addToPlaylist-{{ sound.file.url|slugify }}"
<button class="icon-play-circle"
<button class="resymbol icon-play"
data-player-audio="Audio-{{ sound.file.url|slugify }}"
{% if sound|is_format_available:'ogg' %}
<a target="_blanck" class="icon-download button" href="{{ sound|format_url:'ogg' }}"
<a target="_blanck" class="resymbol icon-download button" href="{{ sound|format_url:'ogg' }}"
{% endif %}
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