Commit 7ed50273 authored by fred's avatar fred
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performance: remove unnecessary request from homepage

parent 49ae1641
......@@ -408,12 +408,6 @@ class Home(TemplateView):
context['emissions'] = Emission.objects.filter(archived=False,
creation_timestamp__gte=datetime(2013, 9, 13)).order_by('title')
schedules = Schedule.objects.select_related().order_by('datetime')
days = []
for day in range(7):
days.append({'schedules': [x for x in schedules if x.is_on_weekday(day+1)],
'datetime': datetime(2007, 1, day+1)})
context['days'] = days
context['soundfiles'] = SoundFile.objects.prefetch_related('episode__emission__categories').filter(
podcastable=True, fragment=False) \
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