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playlist: adjust emission sidebar markup

parent 8884d9e4
......@@ -48,18 +48,23 @@
{% if nonstop %}
<div class="sub emissions-newsitems">
<h5 class="sectionLabel">{% trans 'Recently' %}</h5>
<ul class="custom list">
{% for date in nonstop_dates %}
<div class="episode inline episode-inline">
<li><div class="content content-inline inline cf">
<a class="block cf" href="{% url 'nonstop-playlist' slug=emission.slug year=date.year month=date.month %}">
{% if emission.image %}
{% thumbnail emission.image "60x60" crop="50% 25%" as im %}
<img src="{{im.url}}"/>
<div class="logo">
<img class="left" height="60" width="60" src="{{im.url}}"/>
{% endthumbnail %}
{% endif %}
<div class="title">
<h5 class="title"><a href="{% url 'nonstop-playlist' slug=emission.slug year=date.year month=date.month %}">{{date|date:'D d M Y'|lower}}</a></h5>
<div class="content">
<h5 class="title">{{date|date:'D d M Y'|lower}}</h5>
{% endfor %}
{% endif %}
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