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Rename episode detail => resume

parent b136a2ef
<li>{{ episode.first_diffusion|date:"d E o H:i"|lower }}
<br/>   <a href="{{ episode.slug }}/">{{ episode.title }}</a>
{% if episode.has_sound %}<span class="icon-music"/>{%endif%}
<div class="episode episode-inline inline cf">
<div class="date dateBloc left">
<span class="day">
{{ episode.first_diffusion|date:"D"|slice:":2"}}
<span class="number">
{{ episode.first_diffusion|date:"d" }}
{% if date != "daytime" %}
<div class="month">
{{ episode.first_diffusion|date:"M Y" }}
{% endif %}
<span class="time">
{{ episode.first_diffusion|date:"H:i" }}
<div class="controls todo right">
<button class="symbol play">A</button><button class="symbol add">B</button>
<div class="logo right">
<img src="" />
<div class="content">
<h5 class="title ellipsis"><a href="{{ episode.slug }}">{{ episode.title }}</a></h5>
{% if episode.description %}
<div class="description ellipsis">
{{ episode.description|safe|striptags }}
{% elif episode.text %}
<div class="description ellipsis">
{{ episode.text|safe|striptags|truncatewords:20}}
{% endif %}
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