Commit 1bea1d48 authored by fred's avatar fred
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fix reveal download links code to work when the same sound exists several times

parent b8859b01
......@@ -15,9 +15,9 @@
<button class="resymbol icon-download big"
title="Download file"
onclick="$('#Download-{{ sound.file.url|slugify }}').toggle();return false;"
onclick="$(this).next().toggle();return false;"
<div class="hidden" id="Download-{{ sound.file.url|slugify }}" >
<div class="hidden">
{% if sound|is_format_available:'ogg' %}
<a target="_blank" class="button inBlock" href="{{ sound|format_url:'ogg' }}">
<span class="icon-file">&nbsp;ogg</span>
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