Commit 14eea325 authored by Simon Daron's avatar Simon Daron
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Remove link on logo (redundant with home & strange effect onclick

parent 55ac20c3
......@@ -28,10 +28,10 @@
<div id="All">
{% block meta %}<div id="metaNav">{% metanav active=sectionName %}</div>{% endblock %}
<div id="Commons">
<a href="{% url 'home' %}" id="mainHeader" class="block center">
<div id="mainHeader" class="block center">
<h1><span id="radioPanik" class="inBlock">Radio Panik</span> <span id="frequence" class="inBlock">105.4 FM</span></h1>
<!--{% block logo %}<img class="logo" src="{{ STATIC_URL }}/img/LogoPanik.jpg"/>{% endblock %}-->
<div id="Player" class="{% block player-class %}{% endblock %}">
{% block listen %}{% player %}{% endblock %}
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