Commit 8a495254 authored by fred's avatar fred

trivial: split statement on two lines to help black

parent decb0e28
......@@ -124,8 +124,8 @@ def period_program(date_start, date_end, prefetch_sounds=True,
for schedule in day_schedules:
schedule.datetime = datetime(
current_date.year, current_date.month,,
schedule.datetime.hour, schedule.datetime.minute) + \
schedule.datetime.hour, schedule.datetime.minute)
schedule.datetime += timedelta(days=schedule.datetime.weekday() - current_date.weekday())
if week_day == 6 and schedule.datetime.weekday() == 0:
# on Sundays we can have Sunday->Monday night programming, and
# we need to get them on the right date.
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