Commit 0e5e1311 authored by chris's avatar chris
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Fixing Bug #867: ajout de date antérieure impossible avec le calendrier javascript.

parent c48ff107
......@@ -41,19 +41,19 @@
var new_id = this_id +1; // a new id
$(this).attr("id", new_id); // change to new id
// The following if allows calendar to start at given date
var data = $(this).val()
/*var data = $(this).val()
if (data) {
var mindate = data.convertToDate();
} else {
var mindate = '+1d'
dateFormat: 'dd-mm-yy',
//showButtonPanel: true,
showOn: 'button', //both
buttonImage: '/static/images/calendar.png',
buttonImageOnly: true,
minDate: mindate,
minDate: '+1d',
// Remove hasDatepicker class: not to be touched next time function is called
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