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Use Breaks instead of Conflicts with alternc-ssl and alternc-admintools

This follows the Debian policy on using Breaks when moving files from one
package to another.

@see https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-relationships.html#conflicting-binary-packages-conflicts

If apt/apt-get are used to install the new package, it will know to automatically
remove alternc-ssl (or alternc-admintools) instead of refusing to proceed at all.
parent bce334e7
......@@ -70,12 +70,12 @@ Recommends: default-mysql-server | mysql-server | mariadb-server
, unzip
, bzip2
, alternc-certificate-provider-letsencrypt
Conflicts: alternc-admintools
, alternc-awstats (<< 1.0)
Breaks: alternc-admintools
, alternc-ssl
Conflicts: alternc-awstats (<< 1.0)
, alternc-webalizer (<= 0.9.4)
, alternc-mailman (<< 2.0)
, courier-authlib
, alternc-ssl
Provides: alternc-admintools
, alternc-ssl
Replaces: alternc-admintools
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