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Add a notice in the README about upgrading from 3.3.11 to 3.5.x

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[Pour installer AlternC, merci de suivre la documentation d'installation](https://alternc.com/Install-fr)
### Upgrading from AlternC 3.[1,2,3].11
AlternC >= 3.5 removes integrates alternc-ssl and alternc-admintools in the the core AlternC package.
As a result, both alternc-ssl and alternc-admintools will be removed during installation.
When alternc-ssl is removed, it will mark many of the sub domain types suffixed with '-ssl'
and '-mixssl' for deletion.
To safely upgrade between these versions:
* Backup your AlternC database
* Stop the cron service: ```/etc/init.d/cron stop```
* Install alternc (>= 3.5)
* Run the following queries against the alternc database (here, it's called "alternc"): ```
mysql alternc -e 'update sub_domaines set web_action = "OK" where type like "%-mixssl";'
mysql alternc -e 'update sub_domaines set web_action = "OK" where type like "%-ssl";'
* Run alternc.install
* Start the cron service again: ```/etc/init.d/cron start```
## Developper information
* This software is built around a Debian package for Stretch whose packaging instructions are located in [debian/](debian/) folder (this package can be installed on Jessie safely too)
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