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<h3>{% trans "Applying patches" %}</h3>
<div class="info">
<p>{% trans "Anyone can directly commit to the repository. However, we ask you to send bigger changes to the mailing list to discuss them first. To push to the repository, you must follow this procedure:" %}</p>
{% trans "Fetch the public commit key:" %}</p>
mkdir -p ~/.ssh/identity.d
wget -O ~/.ssh/identity.d/
wget -O ~/.ssh/identity.d/
chmod 600 ~/.ssh/identity.d/*
<p>{% trans "Add the following section to your openssh-client config:" %}</p>
cat >> ~/.ssh/config << EOF
Port 3265
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/identity.d/
<p>{% trans "Check out a clone of the manual through ssh:" %}</p>
git clone ssh://
<p>{% trans "After sanitizing, commit the changes. Write commit messages that consist of full, useful sentences in English, starting with a capital letter and ending with a full stop." %}</p>
$ git commit -a -m "Adding a section on applying patches."
<p>{% trans "Push the commit to the server:" %}</p>
$ git push
<p>{% trans "Please send us a mail or join Domaine Public irc to let us know your propositions." %}</p>
{% endblock %}
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