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# What is a Picross (and a PyCross)?
A **picross** is a logic puzzle in which you must deduce the color of each cell in a grid, based on hints. The hints give you the sequence of contiguous colored cells for each row and column.
A **PyCross** is the same but made with Python.
![alt text](Screenshot_readme.png "PyCross")
# User guide
## "New game... Go"
Choose the size of your pycross grid. All grids are square.
Some 25x25 might be too big for the screen, depending on the max number of hints (and the size of your screen).
Grids are generated randomly. Any discernible pattern is pure coincidence.
## Strike-out
If you wish to mark a row or a column as done, click on the associated hint.
## Colors
Left-click to color cells, right click to grey-out cells you know should not be colored. Click again to toggle the colors.
## Check-point
When you are sure of your deductions and then want to take guesses, press 'Check-point'. You will then be able to go back to this situation anytime by clicking on 'Back to check-point'.
## Verify
You have finished? Verify your result by clicking on the 'Alors, j'ai bon?' button. The answer will appear under the 'Desired seed' box on the left.
Sometimes several solutions are possible, as long as your series of colored cells match the hints.
## "Load game... Go"
Load a saved game.
## Save
You can save one game of each size available. The 'Save' button will overwrite the previous saved game.
Find your saved games in the 'Load game...' combo-box. Saved games that were successfully finished are removed from the combo-box on startup.
## Seed
To start anew without having to erase all the grid, you can copy the 'Current seed' and paste it in the 'Desired seed' box. Then choose the grid size and 'Go'.
You can also send a specific seed to someone else to share a particularly entertaining or challenging PyCross grid.
# A personal project
I wanted an interesting project to learn about Python and Qt. As a huge picross addict, it seemed to me the perfect choice: not too difficult, and yet entertaining.
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