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......@@ -8,19 +8,6 @@ The neutrinet application is for Neutrinet members that have an Internet Cube co
## From the web interface
First make sure you have the neutrinet apps list
1. Go to the admin interface on your cube
2. Click *Tools*
3. In the *Advanced* section, click *Applications lists*
4. Check in the Applications lists section if you have *neutrinet*
If you don't have it, under *Custom applications list*, fill in the form with:
1. Name: *neutrinet*
2. URL: **
Then, click on the *Add* button.
Now, we can install the Neutrinet application:
1. Go to the admin interface
2. Click *Applications*
3. Click *Install* button
......@@ -31,20 +18,6 @@ Now, we can install the Neutrinet application:
## From the CLI
First check if you have a list, probably named *neutrinet*, with ** as url.
yunohost app listlists
If you don't have the list yet, you can add it using
yunohost app fetchlist --name neutrinet -u
Once you have the list, you can install the app using
yunohost app install neutrinet --debug
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