Unverified Commit 81fb1840 authored by Thomas Balthazar's avatar Thomas Balthazar Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #14 from Neutrinet/bank-id

Strip bank_id's last char
parents 145106c9 c1a3c80b
......@@ -32,8 +32,9 @@ def handle_recordbank_csv(csv_file):
with transaction.atomic():
for entry in csv.DictReader(StringIO("\r\n".join(csv_file.read().split("\n")[1:]) + "\r\n"), delimiter=";"):
bank_id = fr_or_nl(entry, "Ref. v/d verrichting")[0:16]
movement = Movement()
movement.bank_id = fr_or_nl(entry, "Ref. v/d verrichting")
movement.bank_id = bank_id
movement.date = datetime.strptime(fr_or_nl(entry, "Datum v. verrichting"), "%d-%m-%Y").date()
movement.amount = float(fr_or_nl(entry, "Bedrag v/d verrichting").replace(".", "").replace(",", "."))
......@@ -52,8 +53,8 @@ def handle_recordbank_csv(csv_file):
movement.title = "FIXME"
# I've already imported this movement, don't do anything
if Movement.objects.filter(bank_id=fr_or_nl(entry, "Ref. v/d verrichting")).exists():
movement = Movement.objects.get(bank_id=fr_or_nl(entry, "Ref. v/d verrichting"))
if Movement.objects.filter(bank_id=bank_id).exists():
movement = Movement.objects.get(bank_id=bank_id)
if movement.title == "FIXME":
title = guess_title(movement, entry)
if title:
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