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[mod] we don't need those emails anymore

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......@@ -280,76 +280,3 @@
%pre= order.comment
%h3 Emails
-for order in orders
To: {{ }}
Subject: [Neutrinet/Cube] Confirmation and payment information for your order #{{ }}
Hello {% if order.nick %}{{ order.nick }}{% else %}{{ order.first_name }}{% endif %},
Good news, we are happy to confirm the order you have made
for! \o/
Now that the group order is finished, we can calculate the cost, it
should approximate the estimated price.
Because we cannot pay for everyone in advance, we would like to ask you
to pay for your order now. Know that we will only be able to place
orders for which we have received payment.
As a reminder, you are free to consider how much this service is worth
and if you would like to pay for it (we only ask you to pay the
hardware cost). This service includes the order management, your cube
configuration and everything around that makes it possible. Anything
above the fixed price is greatly appreciated and directly contributes
to what Neutrinet will be able to do :)
Here are the bank transfer details:
Bank: RecordBank
Name: Neutrinet ASBL
IBAN: BE52 6528 3497 8409
Wire transfer note: cube ordering #{{ }}
Amount: a minimum of {{ order.real_price }}
We kindly ask to you to pay before June 18, we hope to place the orders
in the following week. If you are unable to pay the amount by this
date, please inform us as soon as possible by replying to this email.
As for the details of the minimum cost, the only shipping cost we have
is 25 from Olimex, the other merchants offer free shipping. This
shipping cost is split by the number of orders (20) across everyone,
making it 1.25 per order.
Here are the items you ordered:
{% for componentorder in order.componentorder_set.all %}
* {{ componentorder.number }} x {{ componentorder.component }}{% mail_space componentorder.component %}{{ componentorder.number }} x {{ componentorder.price }} = {{ componentorder.total_price }}{% endfor %}
* 1 x Shipment from Olimex{% mail_space 'shipment from olimex' %}1 x 1.25 = 1.25
Total: {{ order.real_price }}
{% if order.wants_vpn %}
As you have included a VPN subscription, which runs at 8 euro per
month, you will need to create a recurring payment as soon as you
receive your Cube, or sooner. Remember that we will be able to increase
our VPN service quality when we will reach 30 subscriptions. So the
sooner, the better, right? :){% else %}
You have indicated that you will not need a VPN subscription along with
your Cube. However, if this is not the case already and if you want,
you can become a member of Neutrinet, and adding the membership fee
(€ 25) to your payment and informing us of this awesome decision in
your reply email :){% endif %}
It would be great if you can answer this email once you have made the
bank transfer. A simple "Paid!" will do :)
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Thanks for your trust and support,
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